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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'd rather have satellite

These cables are killing me on Hope. I got totally lost on the chart, and to make it harder, the chart doesn't have a grid, just blank spaces, so it's really hard to see how many stitches are between the marked ones. I think I'll be doing some ripping out today. Luckily I'm only about 3 or 4 rows in, I stopped before I got in too far. It is really not knitting I can do in front of the TV right now - maybe once I get the pattern down (which seems simple enough when looking at it on paper) I can do something else, but for now I need to really concentrate on it. I ended up using a ruler and drawing my own grid around the stitches. That helped some. I also have to learn to cable without a cable needle. Every other row has a ton of crosses in it, and it just takes too much time to switch the needle out of one hand, use the cable needle, then change it back, then knit off the cable needle. A must to learn.

I started the ipod cozy last night. I used this really neat random stripe generator. You pick your colors, the width of the stripes, and viola! Random stripes! This is good mindless TV knitting.

On a non-knitting note, we started agility class last night with the boys over at Collinswood. They loved it! The class was a nice size, only 8 dogs total, and Betty was a great instructor so far. We got to do the table, A frame, barrel, tire and tunnel, all in one night! Have to do some practicing this week to be all set for next week's class. This will be fun homework.

On the gardening front, the tomato plants are about 6' tall! I've harvested quite a bit from the cherry tomato plant, and it looks like there is no shortage of new ones coming, and the full size plant is coming along - they are taking a little longer to ripen. I did manage to get one measly green bean. For some reason the beans or snap peas just won't grow this year. I may try again in a week or so. I know they like cool weather. The zuccini has taken over as I had expected, and I've pulled a few off already. The cantelope and cucumber have lots of runners and flowers, but nothing substantial yet. I'm not sure if I'll get any. I figure, if a cantalope hasn't started yet, it probalby won't get big enough by the end of the season. Oh, and we do have one lonely jalepeno! :)