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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Stripes!

While the weather outside is frightful this morning, the knits continue! We had about an inch of snow overnight, then this morning it turned to a wonderful freezing rain and sleet combination. Made for a slow and long commute into work. The weather people are saying we get a one day reprieve tomorrow, then should expect about 6" of snow during the day on Friday. Ahh, the joys of winter in New England. At least the snow will cover up all the brown dead grass everywhere.

Power is still out all around us. Friends who live about a mile away are still in the dark. Phone, cable and internet were restored last night, but I found that I really wasn't missing them. I managed to keep busy other ways.

Tucker Over My Shoulder
Another hat! This pattern has proved to be the perfect fit - I have tried many hat patterns that just don't fit right. I like my ears covered, and I want it to come down low enough that it covers my forehead. A nice snug fit also. This, I believe, is the holy grail of hat patterns for me. I plan on making more! They are the perfect stash buster. Just use what you have! Solid, stripes, whatever!
Top of Turn A Square
Now, Lolly and I can be stripey hat twins!