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Friday, October 10, 2008


I am happy to say, I think, just maybe, I have found some knitting "umph". It may have something to do with casting off and finishing these.

Noro Knee Highs

Pattern: Basic toe up sock using Magic Loop cast on. I didn't increase at all for the calf. I knit straight up and decreased after 10 rounds of ribbing.
Needles: #2 KnitPicks 32" circulars
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock #185

I used every single last little bit of this yarn. Literally, I think I have 1/2" leftover from trimming ends I wove in. I do admit, I did run out on the second sock. My scale is not as accurate as I would like, so I believe it didn't split the skein exactly equally (this scale would be more what I would like for the future - it's accurate to 0.1 grams), I ended up with not enough of the dark green for the second sock's ribbing. Not a big deal though. I may use some leftover green sock yarn from a different sock, or just leave it. For some reason (I believe it is because one of my legs is definitely shorter than the other) the same amount of stripes landed me with a longer sock on one leg. So, in the end, the sock still fits fine, and with no increases for the calf, it is nice and snug and not going anywhere!
Balancing Act
It was such a nice day yesterday, my sister and I decided to do the photo shoot at the orchard while picking apples. It was very strange. All the trees in the area we were picking in were just about picked clean. We had to hunt for apples! I don't mind hunting for blueberries when blueberry picking, but hunting for apples? I think the orchard was saving their really full trees for this weekend - a long holiday weekend - when the masses will be out. Lucky for me though, the orchard is only a few short miles away, and I can go anytime after work and grab a small bag to hold me over. I plan on looking through my many apple recipes today to see what I can make. There will always be apple pie, but I like to broaden the apple horizon a bit and try something new.
Apple Tree
We got home and it was just so nice out we couldn't go inside. The dogs entertained us for a while with their antics, and Ace gladly chased after his Jolly Ball. His most loved and favorite toy ever. He literally screeches in delight when he plays with it!
Ace Leaping
You can see Tucker in the background looking thrilled. He spent our time outside grazing. He's not so much into the playing, but loves to just be with me. Otis, on the other hand, was feeling rather playful!
Ace and Otis on The Run

Tucker and I are off to New Hampshire for a trial this weekend, then Monday off for a nice relaxing day. I think I am going to get some knitting done.....

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there while I went through this little knitting and blogging slump! It really helped knowing you were out there looking for me!