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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Riot of Color

I'm never good at making decisions. Ask my husband. Where to go to eat, what color shirt to buy, where to go on vacation. Making a choice means excluding something else. I hate exclusion. It's no different with knitting. When I'm faced with picking a new project to start, I have a hard time picking the yarn, and an even harder time picking a pattern! Sometimes, but very rarely, it all just comes together magically without me even thinking much about it. Usually though, it's a painful process of decision. Especially when there are lots of choices.

How Do You Choose??
I laid out bunches of color combinations last night to see what I liked for a new colorwork project. Granted, I'm not sure what said project will be as of yet, but rest assured it will be either mittens or socks. Anyone who has read my blog or seen my knitting before knows I love bright, high contrast colors. This was the first combination that I put together. Love it. But then I did this and this and I didn't know when to stop. I started to like the more subtle combinations - not necessarily bright. What is happening to me?? So, I sit and stare at all the wonderful, amazing color combinations not sure what to do with them and not sure which one to pick. I trip through both Ravelry (where you can now search your queue! Yay!) and many pattern books to see what strikes me. Hands or feet?

Maybe I'll just leave them in a big pile to admire....
Riot of Color