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Monday, May 05, 2008

Another Amazing Maryland Weekend

Where do I begin? It was a fabulous, amazing, fun, tiring, beautiful weekend. I got to hang out with friends and family, and the weather turned out to be just perfect!

It began on Thursday bright and early. Sarah and I had a great, leisurely drive down. We didn't really hit any traffic (except in Connecticut where you ALWAYS hit traffic!) and managed a stop at Chick-Fil-A when we crossed into Maryland for some nourishment after a bit of navigating.

After relaxing with my cousins on Thursday night, the work began on Friday morning. Jody so graciously picked me up and we headed to meet Jolene and Sarah at Cloverhill to pack everything up to bring to the Festival. That was some hard work. By about 11am, we had three SUV's packed full to the brim with yarn. Lucky for us, Jody's husband brought a pickup truck. It held all the displays and tables we needed for setup. We got to the grounds and it was strange to see vehicles everywhere - in the buildings and up and down the "main alley". After unpacking the vehicles we set to work setting up the booth. Looking at all the beautiful yarn made the job much more fun. By the end of the day Friday, the booth looked great.

Cloverhill booth2
Cloverhill booth3

I also managed to get a shot of the Fold booth and all their Socks That Rock before the onslaught started.
The Fold Friday
By Saturday, the lines were as long as the T-Shirt lines (we were smart and got them on Friday when it was vendors only!) and the booth was pretty empty by the end of the day. I really just can't figure out why people wait in line for it. You can order it on line, and their shipping is very reasonable. Any insight?

Saturday dawned a bit foggy and cold. Even with that, the crowds grew as the day went on and the weather got better.
Crowds Saturday

We saw lots and lots of sheep (expected at at Sheep festival!)
Sheep of the Festival
We also saw sheep with some really weird hair...
Weird Sheep Hair
I also managed to see lots of great people!
Friends of the Festival
The day went way too fast. I watched some sheep herding, ate some great ribbon fries and had some BBQ lamb. Yum. I also managed to get some yarn (the real reason we are all there!)
MD purchases 2008
Left to Right:
Tess, Woolarina, Wullenstudio, CEYEBER, Unique Sheep, Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Tess, Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Wullenstudio
Unfortunately, only four of them are for me. The rest go to a friend who was trusting enough to give me money and free reign to get her some sock yarn! (Hope you like them Kristi!) Hers are the middle five skeins. Mine are the 2 at either end. The grey Tess yarn I think will be perfect combined with a bright color for some socks or mittens. The yellowish mustard Spirit trail I'd like to put with some purple or turquoise yarn to really make it pop. I have to admit, two of my skeins came from the early pickings available at the Cloverhill booth before everyone got to it!

Being surrounded by knitting and beautiful yarn really made me want to knit again. New yarn also seems to light the knitting fire. The mustard color Spirit Trail may be first in the colorwork line up. Socks? Mittens? Hat? Not quite sure, but I know I'll be bringing design books with me to the dog show this weekend!

PS - Deuce won another Best in Show yesterday in Maine! She is on a tear!