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Friday, February 01, 2008

This is a Test, It is Only a Test

Once again, I am dumbfounded as to why knitting colorwork goes faster than "regular" knitting. Two yarns, knit with two hands, following a chart, yet it seems to fly by! I think it is the anticipation - what will come next and seeing the pattern evolve and develop before you.

This is one fun knit. Nice chunks of colorwork mixed in with some plain rounds and some easily memorizable patterns.

Sigrid through Medallion
The colors aren't as contrasty as Kirsten's original, but I'm kind of liking the subtle effect. The socks are pretty big - 96 stitches - yet seem to be flying along. Hubby tried them on last night and they fit. I'd like them a bit snugger, but I'm worried about them fitting over his ankles to put them on. I can always sew some elastic into the cuff if needed. The pattern is written wonderfully, and I have yet to find a sticking point or any errors.
Sigrid Hem
I like the folded hem. I've never done it on socks before, and am not sure how well they will stay up, but the look is very nice and clean. The heel flap is next, and I'm really looking forward to this. For my colorwork socks, I basically made up as I went along how to do a colorwork heel flap. I learned how to purl with two hands, but I will admit, my flaps are kind of messy on the edges. I just couldn't decide how to work it best. So, looking at Kirsten's neat and tidy edges, I'm really excited for this part.

Hubby got some new lenses for his camera this week, so I played around last night with the super duper macro lense.
Sigrid Stitches Really Close
Pretty neat, huh?

For another pair of amazing green and purple socks, check out these - not usually a self striping fan, I am smitten.

Off to an indoor mid-winter agility trial this weekend. There is supposed to be a heat wave of temps getting into the 40's, so I'm pretty excited!