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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Awaited

When I cast on for these socks back in August of last year, it was recently after I had finished both the Heart Crook and Turkish Stockings. I was on a colorwork sock roll. The first sock went pretty quick, but then I hit the skids. My knitting slowed to a crawl as time ran at a premium. Dog shows, family events and just life in general kept getting in the way.

But, after a twelve hour plane journey, I am very happy to report they are finally done. Once I got back into the groove of knitting them, the second one flew off the needles (as I flew over the ocean!).

Turret Side
Turret Front
Turret Back
Pattern: My own. Inspired by the pattern on this Vogue Knitting cover.
Yarn: Tess Supersock & Baby
Needles: #1 KnitPicks 32" circular
Mods: Well, it's my own pattern, so I guess everything is a mod! Lucky for me, the stitch count on the pattern fit into the sizing I needed for my sister's feet. I learned quite a bit knitting on the Turkish Stockings (the heel flap and picking up stitches for the gusset) so I put that into practice. I'm still not 100% satisfied, but these came out a lot better than the Turkish. They have yet to be blocked, and that should even out some of the stitches.

An inside shot (unblocked remember!):
Turret Stranding

My sister was really glad to finally get her pair of stranded socks. These socks also provided me a jump start back into sock knitting. I really loved knitting them! When I picked the needles back up on the flight from Boston to Houston (our first leg), I wasn't really sure how I'd feel. By the return flight from Quito to Panama City, they were complete. Reading the chart, knitting with both hands, it all felt so natural and comfortable. Like I was home again. I do have one other single sock to finish up (story for another post), but after that I will be doing another stranded pair. Hubby doesn't have a pair yet!

The photos have been edited, now I just have to do some uploading. Travel pictures tomorrow!