------------------------------- ------------------------------------ On and Off The Needles

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I managed to squeeze in a little knitting time this week inbetween puppy watching. It is so hard to tear myself away from them to get anything done. Each day they change and grow.

So, the leg on the Turret sock is now complete.

Turret Sock - Leg #1
I really like how it came out. The way the chart is laid out, it starts with half a hexagon shape, then a full, and ends with a half. I'd love for one of the hexagons to be centered on the front of the leg. If I do that, then the spacing for the heel flap is off (Naomi decided she'd like the pattern carried down the heel flap) as I would like some solid border on the sides of the flap. So, I have a little cutting and pasting to do to figure out the best way to approach this. I think I will be able to get two vertical hexagons in the flap. Planning is also involved to make sure the hexagons end at the correct point on the flap. This is the exciting part! I really do love all the planning, laying out and organizing of the charts. Since I've always been able to visualize in my head fairly well, I can see a concept and translate it relatively closely onto paper. The most fun is seeing it actually knit up how I envisioned it!

Licorice Whip is on hold now pending receipt of the generous yarn gift from Lolly. It is kind of a good thing - there is only a few hours at the very most left to knit on it, and it has forced me to look at what else I had on the needles.

The Street Smart Hoodie returns! This was started back in (gasp) January and it is my longest WIP ever. Yes, ever. When I start a project, I finish it without really letting it sit. It sits, it gets ripped. I'm kind of weird like that. I tend to freak out if I have more than 2 or at the very most 3 things on the needles at once. Dividing my time is not the easiest thing! So, last night I got out the started front to the hoodie. Back and sleeves are already done. All that is left is the front and maybe a hood (I haven't decided if I want the hood. I may just make it a pullover with a skinny v-neck).
SS Hoodie Front
Ribbing - check. On to the cabling. I think I stalled here because I wasn't sure where or how many cable columns I wanted. The original is a zip front and has two cable columns on each side of the zipper (nice shot of it here). The back has the four cable columns but I wasn't sure if, in converting it to a pullover (I hardly ever wear cardigans - my goal is a comfy sweatshirty type sweater), I should do all four columns or maybe the outside two and leave the middle. All four are kind of nice, and match the back. The front would be very plain without them. Four? Two? What do you think?

The puppies are growing so fast. Gaining about 2 oz. every day, they are now getting pretty speedy and are trying to stand. A few more days and their eyes and ears will open and they will look so different! Our new puppy has been narrowed down to one of three:
The Three Contenders
L to R: Geo, Nine and Orb

Since I do not want to show in the breed ring, I volunteered to take a mismark. This is a dog, because of the placement of white or it's color, is deemed "unacceptable" in the breed ring. Geo and Orb, both blue merles, have white splashes on their bodies - this is considered a mismark. Nine is a blue tri - a color very rare, but also unacceptable in the breed ring as an accepted color. There are plenty of people who are interested in this litter who are only looking for performance puppies, like me. As the weeks progress and their personalities come out a bit more, I'm sure one of them will pick me......