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Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're Expecting!

So NOT what you were thinking - it's a puppy! But, you still get a neat ultrasound picture!

Deuce Ultrasound
(each of the black blobs is a puppy!)

Terri and I took Deuce for her ultrasound yesterday to confirm that she was pregnant. The vet spotted about 6 little ones incubating in there. Around August 19th they will be on the ground and as cute as can be. How can they not be with parents like these?
Razz and Deuce
Razz (black tri) and Deuce (red merle). The proud parents. I have known both of these dogs for almost 4 years now. I have lived with them and watched them show in both agility and in the breed ring. Both have won more ribbons than I can count (or that can fill up an entire wall at the kennel!), have been in the top 10 (Deuce was #2) Australian Shepherds in the country, and have incredible personalities to boot. They perform exceptionally well in the breed ring as well as the agility ring. How could I not get a puppy from this litter? I'm looking for both a performance dog for the agility ring as well as a great house dog. It will be fun picking one out from jumble of fuzzy cuteness that is to come!

As for my case of startitis the other night, I felt strangely non-monogamous to my socks and cast on for Licorice Whip with some recycled wool blend that I unraveled from a Gap sweater a while back.
Licorice Whip Start
Not so sure I like the collar, so I may end up ripping and starting over. On size 10.5 needles, this goes pretty quick. Not like I have another sweater (Street Smart Hoodie) waiting to be finished, but for some reason I just felt the need to start something new. I really like the lace pattern - simple but adds some flair. Not so sure about the lacy raglan increases though. That may be another reason to rip. I'm going to knit a bit further and see what I think.

The second Mad Color Weave sock is on the heel - I haven't had much if any knitting time the past day or so.