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Monday, July 16, 2007

So Close

I was so close. In working on the foot to Mad Color Weave Sock #1, I knew there didn't look like enough yarn left. My usual approach is to race the knitting to the end - if I just knit fast, it won't have time to run out. Usually this works. I have been lucky in the past. I think my luck ran out. So close.

Green Tip
Just a tiny "dash" of color. About 4 rows short. Not like anyone will really see the toes anyway. I'm still very happy with it!
Mad Color Weave
The turning of the heel was a little confusing. The heel flap leaves off at a knit row, and the turning instructions also start off with a knit row. I just used my knitters judgment and threw in an extra purl row at the end of the heel flap. The eye of partridge style heel flap is very pretty. The texture is nice and isn't as ribby looking as a typical slip stitch heel flap. I'm about halfway through the leg of sock #2. The tail is a bit shorter on this second sock, so I may have enough to finish. I'll have to see - if I have extra, I may just rip out the green tip and make it blue.

Another big accomplishment of the weekend - Tucker got his AD (Agility Dog) USDAA title! We have been really close for a few months now, but little bobbles in each round has kept us from earning the title.
Tucker AD
We are a bit lower in level in USDAA trials than at AKC. The different venues have different rules and there are not nearly as many local USDAA trials. They sure are fun though! They have some game type classes that AKC does not have. Typically you do about 4-5 runs a day at a USDAA trial, where you only do 2 at AKC. Makes for a much more exhausting day!

Sarah came up to the trial on Saturday to watch us compete. Tucker always loves having a fan club. After the trial, we headed over to the Hub Mills Factory Store - the outlet for Classic Elite Yarns. The area it was in was kind of sketchy - downtown Lowell, Massachusetts.
Classic Elite Factory Warehouse
Classic Elite Factory
It was in a huge warehouse, and we took the slowest elevator up to the 4th floor. The store was small, but had quite a bit of yarn (Classic Elite brand as well as many others like Noro and Cascade). The biggest find (I think) was the shopping cart full of sweaters. What it looked like was all the sweaters from the past trunk shows. They were all for sale as well. The prices - not bad at all - we found one sweater (too small for both of us) that was only $50. After looking it up in the pattern book, it would be at least 11 balls of $8-10 yarn to make it. Of course, being a knitter, I could hardly buy a fully knit sweater, right?

All I ended up with was a cute little green Chibi. I had wanted some pointier needles for sewing in ends, as well as smaller needles - this had both! I also got a locking row counter (also seen on that page). I guess green was the color for me for the day! My pink locking Katcha counter somehow got lost on the trip to Vermont a while back.

On the way out when we were getting in our cars, we noticed an unusual object above us.
Rocket at Classic Elite
A rocket. With a radioactive symbol on it. In front of a yarn warehouse. Very strange indeed.