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Monday, July 23, 2007

Mad Color Weave

Mad Color Weave
They are done!
Pattern: Mad Color Weave by Woolgathering
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zarina, two skeins
Needles: #1 (2.5mm) KnitPicks circulars (Magic Loop)
Modifications: Did 10 repeats on the leg instead of 6. Added a great touch of color at the toe when I ran out of yarn about 5 rounds from the end.

Love. This. Pattern. There was no way I was doing only six repeats on the leg. I needed more. I really didn't care when I ran out of yarn - I just added a "design element" and continued on.
Mad Color weave toes
The pattern was fun and addictive, much like the Monkey pattern. It went very fast and by the second sock, I had the 8 row repeat memorized. The solid color just makes the texture in this pattern pop. The heel. The beautiful heel.
Mad Color Weave Heel
I have never done an Eye of Partridge heel before. I will be doing it again. The subtle texture is so pretty! This pattern was unusual as you slipped stitches on the purl side, not the knit side. Either way, the result is stunning.

After knitting the second sock, I did have some leftovers.
Mad Color Weave Leftovers
About a yard. It may have made it to do both toes, but I kind of like the little green dashes of color. Makes them a little different. They fit perfectly and I'm really happy with how they came out!

After I finished the socks, I had some free time this weekend so using the pint of blueberries we got with our produce delivery last week, I made some muffins.
Both Blueberry (from this book) and some Zucchini Blueberry as well. Both turned out yummy. I think I may have put too many blueberries in them as they tended to fall apart a little. Nonetheless, they made for a wonderful leisurely Sunday breakfast.

This week is pretty hectic. Lots to do - packing, choosing what knitting to take and gathering all the boys stuff to send them off to my parents. We leave on Friday first for Baltimore to spend the night and also the day on Saturday, then we are off early Sunday morning for the Outer Banks! Yay!