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Monday, June 04, 2007

Back to Our Normally Scheduled Content

Yay! Knitting content today! But first, I have a short (very) pictorial tour of our agility trial in New York this weekend. First, we arrived at the hotel. Two queen beds. Comfy. Spacious. Something looked off.

Hotel Room Beds
Is it just me, or is the bed on the right a lot higher? We stared at them for a while trying to figure out why. They both had just a box spring and a mattress. It was late, we were tired. So, we gave up and just went to bed.

The trial site was very pretty. At the top of a hill at Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park we could see tree covered terrain all around.
View at the Trial
(Yes, someone drove a Mini Cooper to a dog show)

It was pretty darn hot on Saturday - it had to be 90 degrees - with blazing sun. Luckily we brought the shade tent and managed to sit still and sweat in the shade rather than burn, sweat and sit still in the sun. The dogs got nice showers under the hose and in the kiddie pool before and after their runs. I spent any time not running sitting very still and drinking gallons of water. This meant many a trip to the port-a-potty. Joy.

Sunday was much nicer - overcast with a wonderful breeze. Still warm, but without the blazing sun, it felt about 20 degrees cooler. Tucker ended up with a 4th and a 1st for the weekend along with a new Pairs Relay title. The weekend was pretty exhausting - the heat, the long days (USDAA trials run quite a few hours longer than AKC as they have twice as many classes to hold) left us totally wiped out. The drive home was a quiet one.

I did manage to get a little knitting done. I had lots of down time on Saturday, but it was so hot, even the motion of knitting was enough to induce sweating.
Heart Crook #2
I only have a few more repeats on the leg to get it to the same point as sock #1. Then, off to the scale to see how much yarn I have left, and if I can make them any longer.

For the second sock, I used the "forethought" heel pattern out of Sensational Knitted Socks. Great concept, I think I muffed in the execution somewhere.
Heart Crook Hole
I have holes on either side of the heel. Easy enough to fix, but annoying all the same. Three extra stitches were picked up at the gaps and knit through the back loop. Now that I know a bit about how it's constructed, I'd make sure I had even more stitches picked up at the corners.

Thanks for all the blogiversary wishes - you guys make writing this blog fun!