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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where did it go??

Looking at the calendar this morning I cannot believe that May has come and gone. I think this is the fastest a month has gone by in quite a while (I know I'm not the only one that feels this way!) I had lots of lofty goals, but lack of time once again gets in the way. With my weekends now being spent at agility trials, and the weather becoming much nicer, knitting production has gone way down. That's ok though - I am thoroughly enjoying my non-knitting activities that I can't do as much of during the icky dark months.

I did manage to get seeds into the ground last week. Though my garden doesn't compare to Anne's quite yet, little jalapenos and peas are starting to make an appearance.

There are some mesclun greens growing in another pot - they haven't sprouted quite yet.

The agility trial this weekend fit right in with anticipation of the next triad for Project Spectrum - red, black and metallics -
Tucker second LEAP
Tucker did really well - he also earned a third place in another class.

I did manage to get a little knitting done, though I thoroughly admit I was pretty lazy when I could be and just laid back and relaxed in the absolutely amazing weather. Another competitor and I sat next to each other on Saturday and knit for a good amount of time. At a previous trial, she had seen me knitting socks and she decided to take up the needles again - she hadn't knit in years. This past weekend, she had 1 1/2 socks done! It was really fun to sit, talk about dogs and knitting and just enjoy the time.
Heart Crook Toes
These will go pretty fast once I really start knitting on them. Hopefully soon!

In the spirit of combining variegated yarns, Christy has a great pair going here. Something I never would have thought to do, but am glad I did - and I hope I inspired people to use that variegated yarn that doesn't work with too many patterns!