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Monday, April 30, 2007

From the Earth

With no exciting knitting photos to share (not quite yet - Canal Du Midi #1 is on it's way to the heel!) and nothing exciting from the agility trial this weekend (we were only entered one day and through a combination of handler/dog mishaps we didn't qualify) the next thing you know I love to write about is food. Recent posts by Lolly about Earth Day and Project Spectrum Foods got me on a produce kick. I love fresh produce. I had a great garden last year (built all by hubby as a surprise!) and look forward to it again this year. Being that we don't have a full "back 40" I am limited as to what I can plant. Since I really haven't met a veggie I didn't like, I have a very hard time choosing what to plant!

I'm not sure where I first heard about CSA's (I'm sure it was on a blog somewhere!) but it sounded like a wonderful idea. With little to any farmers markets around us, and grocery stores a drive away without the freshest produce, the pull to join a local CSA became greater.
Fresh Veggies
After checking out Local Harvest I found a few in my area. We ended up joining Heaven's Harvest Farm. The price was not bad, they had a great variety of produce listed, and the local drop point is only a mile or so away! So, every week we can look forward to cooking with a bushel and a half of fresh from the farm greens, beans and fruits. Not only are we supporting a local farm, but we are getting wonderful, organic foods to fuel our bodies. I cannot wait for the first delivery in June!

Check out all the wonderful CSA deliveries on Flickr!