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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taking Shape

Finally, finally things are coming together with the Turkish Stocking.

Turkish Stocking - Front
Turkish - Side
That is one rockin' knee high! It fits amazingly well (I never really even measured or calculated for decreases. It must be the sock apologizing for causing me so much angst in the beginnings) and is knitting up pretty fast. I have started the heel flap. Purling in two colors - not fun. This will slow me down a little.

For my other recent obsession, I created my first "real" shaped bread last night.
French Bread
French baguettes! I didn't score them quite deep enough, so they didn't split like they should have, but they smell wonderful, and the dough was amazing to work with. Funny what happens when you follow directions and take 3 days to make it.

Short post today, too much work to do! (my office unfortunately doesn't look like Betheany's)