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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally Some Progress, and Indecision

Adlebaran got all of my attention last night and I made some great progress.

Adlebaran leg
I haven't had a chance to work on it since I completed the ribbing, so I was anxious to get my fingers doing colorwork again. It's a fun pattern that is nice and symmetrical. I added some plain stitches at either side to make up for the difference in gauge from the pattern to my swatch (the pattern calls for 26 sts/4" and i am getting 32 sts/4") but I am excited to see how it plays out further down when i do the heel flap. I think the stripes on either side will make a nice border for the heel flap. Being that these are for my clog wearing sister, the pattern will continue all the way down the heel flap. I may try and make a solid stripe at the bottom to mimic the original and I will be doing the foot pattern also. I think it's a neat touch! The original socks are done toe up with a very interesting construction. I chose to do top down - looking back I'm not sure why! Toe up would have given me the chance to finish the foot in time to see my sister next week and fit the foot length to her then do the heel while I was there. Now, in writing this post, I'm questioning my decision to do top down. She uses a Bosnian Toe (could only find one picture of an example by Theresa here) which you knit a rectangle and pick up stitches along the sides and then start to knit in the round. I'm guessing I could just increase enough to make my larger stitch count.

Indecision. Should I continue and knit the heel flap and fit it to my sister and hope I can get the foot done while I am there? (if not, we go to the mail back and forth thing so I can get it to fit) Or, do I rip the leg and start toe up and stop before the heel so I can fit it to her while I am there - the leg I can do without fitting as long as I know the foot fits.

And I thought I had made such progress!