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Thursday, February 08, 2007

1100 Miles

My route next week
Posts will be sporadic over the next week. I'll be on the road starting Sunday and not truly be home until the Tuesday after President's Day! Almost 1100 miles of travel in all!

My first little jaunt will be to New York to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This will be Terri's dog Deuce's (the one pictured on her website homepage) last big show before she retires to an agility career and to have a litter of puppies. I've never been to Westminster, but have watched it every year on TV. (it will be on the USA network this year - Monday and Tuesday starting at 8pm - if Deuce wins the breed she will be on Tuesday night!) From what others have told me it is a complete, packed madhouse of people and dogs. I plan on taking lots of pictures and having a blast!

We arrive back home on Wednesday where I get a day to unpack, do laundry and pack again. Thursday, the dogs, hubby and I pack in the truck and head to Maryland to visit my sister and celebrate my cousin's 4th birthday. We are hanging out there for a few days (yay long weekend!) and will head home on Monday.

All in all I should have over 20 hours of car knitting time (if it's light out) which should make for a productive knitting week. I'm planning on bringing a few little projects as well for when I don't feel like the colorwork (horrors!) or cables currently on the needles.

Since I got about 6" chopped off my hair last week I've been itching to make a few headbands to keep it under control in this dry weather. Seeing that I have bunches of leftover sock yarn, as well as many partial skeins sitting in the stash, I wanted to find some patterns that would use them up. I found a couple of quick and easy patterns like this one as well as this one. The more I looked, the more cute ones I found! Last night, in about an hour I made these.
The pattern is here and they are just adorable! I thought the paw print fabric would be great for the show next week. I have a pretty substantial fabric stash from my quilting days, so I plan on digging a little deeper tonight to come up with a few more. I don't use my sewing machine nearly as much as I used to, but hope to get inspired and use it more soon!

The Aldebaran socks have a heel flap, and I'm currently trying to figure out how to work the foot pattern into the heel turn and gusset. There will be copious amounts of re-charting and drawing to figure it out. Fun.

Late news just in, I got an email from Ivy about the socks: "I got the sock yesterday, awesome!! I love the color, and it’s a perfect fit!". Ahhh, music to my ears. More car knitting!