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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A little peek

Urban Aran
I have one sleeve and side sewn, and the second should be done today! It fits great, though the front opening for the zipper is a little floppy. The zipper itself should provide nice stability once it's sewn in. I love love love it!

When trying it on last night for a first fitting, my husband (my 6'2" husband) commented that he'd like a sweater "like that but maybe black". Not sure I'd want to knit this same pattern again, but he likes the half zip style and basic shape of it. Guess I'll have to be on the lookout for some economical yarn in large quantities!

The next pair of socks has been chosen.
It is the Aldebaran pattern from Socks For Sandals and Clogs by Anna Zilboorg. This is a book I have wanted since my sister and I both first spied it at the Maryland Festival in 2004. We didn't get it then, and regretted it ever since! I finally broke down and ordered it from The Mannings. They were really nice when I met them at Stitches, and I knew they had the book.

All the patterns have designs that go down the heel - from cables to lace to colorwork, it's all covered. They are done in a thicker yarn, however, so I'll have to do some re-calculation for my gauge and her foot size using the chosen yarn.
CTH Fall Colors
I'm going to use the bright yellow as the base color, and the purple will be for the colorwork. Should be some stylin' socks! She wanted fun and colorful!

Rumors say we are supposed to get a few inches of wet snow tonight into tomorrow morning. Should make for a fun morning drive in!