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Monday, January 29, 2007

I just couldn't stop

(As an aside, I finally switched to the new blogger and my whole blog is now screwed up. I am beyond frustrated with this thing! It won't let me upload my old template ("bad XML" or something) so now I am trying to go through and see how I can fix it. You may see me on TypePad very soon!)

This is a great pattern - only 2 of the 23 row repeat are cabled, the rest is a basic rib, so it goes fast - really fast!

BCR - Leg
That is the leg of the first sock! Not too bad considering that I had to re-knit it after knitting about 4" of it the first time. Evidently, my cast on was a bit tight so I could barely get it over my heel. These will ultimately be for my best bud Ivy, but her feet are only about a size smaller, so I knew if I couldn't get them over my heel, she wouldn't be able to get them over hers either. I got her measurements, so I'm on to the heel and foot. This Tess yarn is just heaven. I love looking at the color - it is such a vibrant green! And, it is so subtly variegated that you don't really notice until you look at a whole chunk of knitting done at once.

(ok - posted my photo and while editing I think I notice an extra cable cross near the end. Sigh. Looks like I'll be doing some ripping and re-knitting of this one - AGAIN! If I really feel like it - until I stared at it I didn't really see it....)

With all the sock knitting, I am still a few rows away from finishing the first sleeve of the Street Smart Hoodie. It should be done tonight!

The Urban Aran Half Zip got it's first real journey out into the real world. I wore it all day Saturday to a friend's daughter's birthday party. I got tons of compliments on it from knitters and non-knitters alike, and a few "I want one!" comments. It was cozy comfy, and I did get a little warm after a while, but the half zip let me cool off, so it was great. I'll be wearing this one a lot!