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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two Purple Socks (and a red dog)

The sock knitting continues here.....I did (by skin of my teeth!) actually manage to finish a pair of socks for Socktoberfest. The toe of the second DNA sock is complete! Each sock has been mailed back and forth to my sister in Baltimore many times to ensure a great fit. She has the first sock and she will have a completed pair when I fly down to see her and go to Stitches on Friday! She tried the first sock on and couldn't say enough how cushy and soft it was. The Kona yarn is amazing stuff. Superwash, super soft, super to dye, super quick to knit. I am definitely getting more next time around!

DNA Sock Done Front
Even Ravin admired the pretty color and neat cable design!
DNA Sock and Ravin
I'm not planning on kitchnering the toe until my sister tries them on! This time, they feel a bit short to me, which is a very good thing!

With the cooler weather here, I want to finally try a stranded sock pattern. I did my first fair isle last winter and loved it. It seemed to go so fast and once I got the hang of knitting with two hands, it came pretty easy.
So, enter Folk Socks. Nancy Bush does it again! I not only love the Norwegian Stockings, but the Mamluke Socks as well. How could you not drool over this one, this one and all of these? Now, I just need to raid the stash to see if I have anything that may work. If not, I'm keeping my eye out at Stitches!

The Childs French Socks are progressing nicely.
Childs French Sock (to toe)
Childs French Sock - down the front
Childs French Sock - Back

As a shameless plug, check out Piddleloop - Jen has some incredible project bags in all sorts of sizes for every need! The small project bags are a perfect size for socks. The fabrics are so colorful and pretty, and the appliques she uses are adorable! Such unique and high quality work!