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Monday, October 30, 2006

Sugar Rush

Thanks for all the great words on the tutorial! I’m glad that it helped open up new worlds of design for some of you! I look at stitch dictionaries in a whole new way now that I know I can adapt pretty much any pattern to a pair of socks!

The weather was pretty intense this weekend. Saturday was pouring rain with extremely high winds. Sunday we had sun, but it was still very windy with a few (gasp!) snow squalls thrown in for good measure. The agility trial was not so fun on Saturday – we got our runs in, but it was pretty mushy footing, so we had a few faults. Sunday a few dogs actually got blown around! We had a great run, but I got a little lost on course and instructed Tucker to go over the wrong jump! Sigh. There are 20 obstacles out there and they all look the same – easy to loose your way! But, he did exactly as I told him, which is great!

I did manage to get a leg and half of the heel flap done on the Childs French Sock.

Childs French Sock
The yarn (Cabin Cove Merino/Tencel) is wonderful and has a nice sheen to it when it’s knit up. And is it soft!!! Since the pattern was written for 72 sts (my normal sock stitch count) I didn’t change it at all. It fits pretty well – I’m not sure if it’s the yarn or the pattern or both that is making it not as stretchy as normal. Maybe a combination. But, it fits well so far. The heel flap and picked up stitches should hopefully be done today at lunch!

With Halloween approaching tomorrow, the hubby and I received the annual package from my parents. Every year since I went away to college they have mailed a package on the major holidays. It’s always a treat to get and since they know us so well, they always know favorite goodies to include!
Halloween Box
They even decorate the outside! It’s hard to wait for both of us to be there to open it, but I restrain myself so we can enjoy the surprises together. This year, the goodies included Halloween sugar cookies, Swedish Fish (the original red are my all time favorite candy!), Candy Corn (the yummy Indian corn variety!), Mallowcreme Pumpkins (here is a cute little ode to them!), a freaky eyeball candle (mom always includes a Halloween theme candle!) and some SpongeBob Squarepants gummy Krabby Pattys!
Spongebob Squarepants Gummies
My parents know my love for most things gummy (I’m not a real chocolate fan) and try to include something new and different each year. These are great! The burger and lettuce (or pickle – not sure which they intend it to be) come apart from the bun so you can eat each layer separate. Mmmmm….Luckily they didn’t send too many!

Hubby and I have a deal – he can have all the cookies (his favorite with a big glass of milk), and I get all the gummy items. He did get the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin also. (both absent from the photo for obvious reasons) The stash tends to get divided up pretty quickly with minimal bickering.

They also sent a really cute Witch door hanging. With all the time I haven't had this season, it's pretty much my only Halloween decoration at this point!
Halloween Witch Hanging
That way the WHOLE box isn’t just candy…..

I booked my flight and I am headed down to visit my sister on Friday as well as meet up with the girls for Stitches! My sister is going to have to work overnight, but lucky for me, Erin lives close by and has offered me a ride! Knitters are the best! I’m hoping to work on my sock during the flight, but am going to put it on holders in case they confiscate my KnitPicks circulars. They are pretty pointy and very well may qualify as a dangerous weapon! (though I did see on the TSA site that you can take scissors on board now - still no Japanese Throwing Stars and dynamite, but yes to scissors!)