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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Dad is the Best!

My dad, being an engineer, is always looking for projects to build and challenges to solve. My sister and I had talked about yarn meters like this as we have been winding (what seems like) tons of skeined yarn with unknown yardage. We have a niddy noddy, but this would be so much easier and faster! "I can build one of those - don't spend the $50 on it!" So, with challenge in hand, dad set out to build us a yarn meter.

I think he did pretty darn great.

Yarn Counter
It had it's inaugural run last night and it worked wonderfully. It measures in feet, not yards, but it's an easy conversion, and well worth the tiny bit of extra effort. I placed it in-between the swift and the ball winder and just wound away. Dad was even thorough enough to put a non-slip bottom on it so it wouldn't slide around when winding yarn through it! This will be getting TONS of use. I guarantee!

Thanks Dad - you are the GREATEST!

Zebra sock #1 is now complete.
Zebra Sock #1 Complete
I'm still going to have yarn leftover (I probably could have made them all the grey/white Koigu, but I like the contrasting heels/toes/cuff), but I figure I will just add it to the pile and use it for little stuff and maybe some heels/toes in the future.

The mailman also brought a great little package all the way from Germany. Kimberly had a little blog contest a while back and I won a set of stitch markers!
stitch markers
How absolutely adorable are those! (the hamburger is my personal fave!) She also included a sachet of lavender freshly picked. It smelled so wonderful when I opened the envelope. Thank you so much Kimberly!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, food and family filled Thanksgiving! We have two twenty pound turkeys, more veggies than a grocery store produce section, and nineteen friends and family coming over to make it all disappear....(of course, we'll have the dogs to clean up any leftovers!)