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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, four days later and we are still shelves deep in leftovers! We had plenty of food...

Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving Feast - more!

and plenty of puppies to keep the floor warm....
Four Legged Thanksgiving Guests

It was a real fun day. Hubby managed to prepare most everything or prep it the day before, so we had little to do on Thursday. It was nice not to have to rush around to get everything done. I loved having all the family and friends around. It made for a perfect day. (except the weather - cold and rainy!)

The agility trial went well - four days of immersing myself in dogs, dogs and more dogs! It was a huge trial with more than 150 dogs in my class alone! Plus, there were two other buildings of dog shows going on at the same time. All that combined means bunches of down time, and bunches of vendors for browsing! I didn't bring my knitting as it was an indoor trial on dirt. Can you say dust??? Many people wear dust masks all day as there are four rings running at once and you can see the dust floating in the air. I didn't want my knitting out in air like that.

Tucker did pretty well. He had two qualifying rounds out of the seven he ran. About on target for the 30% qualifying rate people strive for. We are still getting used to the higher level of competiton, and have a few things to train over the winter break.

I did manage to make some knitting progress - the body of the Rebecca Sweater is done!
Rebecca Cable Sweater
Now, I just have to start the sleeves to see if I have enough yarn. I'm going to knit set in sleeves from the top down, picking up stitches around the armhole. I got Knitting From the Top out of the library and she has instructions for just that. You do short rows to form the sleeve cap, then just knit down from there. Pretty neat! I think I have 5 skeins left. Fingers crossed I can squeeze out two sleeves and a turtleneck out of it! The body itself is a bit big and roomy. It's what I wanted, but if I run out of yarn, I can rip the whole thing and decrease the cast on count quite a bit if needed. Hopefully it won't come to that!

The second zebra sock is about halfway up the foot and chugging away towards the heel....I'm hoping to make some good progress on it this week.

Off to read my backed up Bloglines to see how everyone else's holiday went!