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Friday, August 25, 2006

Nothing to see here, just look away

Conwy is no longer. Pomatomus has risen out of the ashes (the ribbing so far anyway). I'm hoping the bolder stitch pattern it will be a better match with the yarn. Time (and knitting) will tell.

No more heavily varigated yarns for me. It is just too hard picking a pattern that works. I don't mind true varigateds like some of the Koigu where the color repeats are so short there is no chance for pooling or striping, but for me, I think I'll stick with solids or almost solids. Maybe on occasion a light colored varigated that will show a pattern. They are just such a challenge!

Thanks to a tip from Veronique I tried a swift new smocking technique last night. It was much quicker and easier than the one outlined in the given pattern, and you can't tell which I did with Veronique's new way or the original way! Yay for learning new things!

I should get a bunch of knitting time in this weekend. I have a few of my best buddies coming over and we are planning on watching Sex and the City from beginning to end. One of our friends has never watched it, so we are going to initiate her! We also plan on taking the canoe out for a bit to get some sun and fresh air. It should be a great weekend!