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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Smocks Spotted

Working away on my Smocking sweater (back done, on to the other sleeve!) I've really come to love the smock. What a great little technique. I was thinking how neat it would be incorporated into a pair of socks, when low and behold I find these!

(thanks to the Mystery Sock KAL)

They were made by Costumechick and are simply incredible! The pattern is from Woolworks - they have a complete list of patterns with no pictures to choose from. This is a pattern I will be doing in the future!

The exiled CTH yarn will happily be winging off to a new (and hopefully more appreciated) home in the coming days. Sarah offered to give it a new home in exchange for some yummy looking merino/tencel sock yarn in a grape type color from Dave's Cabin Cove. I haven't tried his yarns, nor tried merino/tencel, so it will be fun to try.

I have NO socks on the needles right now (GASP!) and that must be remedied immediately. I promised my sister I'd make her a pair for her new job down in Baltimore. Once a pattern and yarn are picked (from my stash) I will be calm again.

The first sleeve from Smocking is blocking (hee - a rhyme!) to see how it does. If it can't keep the slightly stretched shape I had to do to get the measurements I needed, it'll be ripped and re-done. Figured I'd better block early so I'd know what knitting lies ahead.