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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On Packing.....

I've never been a fan of packing for anything - moving, travelling, etc. It involves making decisions about the unknown. You can be pretty sure what the weather will be, but odds are I will not have that one garment that I could really use.

This trip, I'm not so much worried about the clothes packing - we're staying at the beach with a boatload of family and 4 children under the age of 5. I say shorts and tshirts and Tevas - not much else except a sweatshirt to ward off the chill of central air.

The sock packing I am having a bit of a problem with. I will bring the SLLS to finish (maybe on the ride down!) and I was thinking another pair to work on during the week. The 2 skeins I had in mind were the Trekking and the STR Tigers Eye. I'm still not sure what I want to do with the Trekking, and the Tigers Eye will be for hubby, so something simple and ribby for him. Fluted Banister Socks maybe? Or perhaps the Matrimony socks? I haven't knit with the STR yet, so I'm not sure what gauge I'll get - I guess a few patterns and needles will be making the trip!

As far as the trekking goes, I'm looking at a few patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks that are variations on ribbing. Twin Rib, Slip Stitch Rib, Waffle Rib or Garter Rib.... something that will keep my interest but not really disturb the yarn patterning. Or, I could go simple stockinette. Nah...

I'm also patiently waiting on the arrival of my KnitPicks Options classic circular needles. They shipped out on 6/29 so I really hope that they make it here today or else I won't be able to get them until I get back!

Hope everyone has a great week - I'll be basking and knitting on the beach!!!

Edited to add: Mere minutes after I hit "publish" the Summer Issue of Knitty came out. Behold the perfect pattern for my STR Tigers Eye! RPM!! Thanks Aija!