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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Travel Ahead!

After coming back from Albany (Tucker did well - got a 2nd place!) Sunday night, we headed out to my parents house. It feels like I have been travelling non-stop for the past few weeks! Tucker had surgery Monday to remove his rear dew claws. He's doing good, but not too happy about wearing his E-Collar!

We ended up spending a beautiful day on the Cape - we dropped off Tucker, then took Otis and headed up to Provincetown. I'd never been there, and we had the whole day to kill, so we figured why not! It was a pretty ride up the cape, and PTown was entertaining as well! I forgot the camera, so no pictures to tell the tale with, but it was a great place for walking, people watching and wading in the ocean. Otis got a good swim in, as well as a roll in the sand. We got a great mexican lunch, then headed back to pick up Tucker.

The SLLS (Simply Lovely Lace Sock) is done through the gussett and working down the foot. Gotta love this sport weight yarn! I actually got 90% of it done during the trial in Albany, but ended up having to rip back about 1" of the leg when I got home as it was too long! The pattern is simple to memorize, and looks very pretty!

We head out tomorrow for Bethany Beach! After a quick pit stop at my cousin's in Baltimore, we are off! I hear they have town wide Wi-Fi access - then I can keep up with you guys instead of having 900 bloglines to read when I get back!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!