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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Best Kind of Blue

Yesterday provided me with the perfect photo for Project Spectrum's blue month.

Tucker won his class yesterday. I'm so proud....

While I was out and about at work today, I snapped some (kind of) blue that I spotted. (Due to the icky clouds, it is more of a grey/blue, but still a hint of blue)

We had such a bright blue sky yesterday, I am really dissapointed to see clouds again. I know what this means - more rain!

The first heel is halfway to completion on the Falling Leaves socks -

Not too shabby! I will have lots of car time this weekend (driving to Vermont)so I'm hoping to get a good chunk done in the next week. I'm itching to cast on for the next pair! (though I'm not entirely sure which - Pomatomus out of the blue Three Waters Farm yarn, Simply Lovely Lace Socks out of the light yellow Louet Opal, Hedera out of either Trekking or Shelridge Farm Soft Touch, Waving Lace or the Unst socks from Knitting on the Road (which I got out of the library AGAIN! I should just buy the darn thing!) out of the Shelridge.

(Lolly inspired me to make mosaics today!)

Well, I guess I have a little while to decide - I still have to do the entire leg for the Leaves socks!