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Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Friends and Stripey Feet

The first Jungle Sock is done!
Isn't it neat? I love the striping - nice and thin - and the colors! It's lots of stripey goodness! The short row heel works great with the stripes too. It is just a plain, toe up sock using the
Magic Cast On from Knitty (Easy, painless, pretty!) and the double wrapped short row heel from this pattern. My next short row heel I may try just single wraps. I did 2x2 ribbing at the top, and cast off with a #4 needle. I have learned the hard way that I cast off too tightly even when I think about doing it loose! Now, onto sock #2!

Dad's grey socks met a much different fate. They were done toe up, and didn't fit him. So, they had a date with the ball winder last night. They were a pretty quick knit, so I'll just (sigh) do them again top down so I can adjust if needed! That is the only stinky part about toe up socks. There is no way to fix the length if you need to! (If you know of a way, let me know!)

On to more Maryland fun times! After the fair, I had a day (Sunday) to relax, so we packed up the kids, dogs and their bikes and went to Lake Elkhorn. The weather was perfect, and we made it once around the 2 mile loop with the kids pedaling away and me walking the dogs. I took the dogs for a second lap around for a nice run. Everyone went home tired!

Monday evening I got together with a great group of knitters at Panera - a tired Lolly, Laura, Sarah, the beautiful dyer mama-e and her adorable and so well behaved cowboy, Coleen and last but by no means least, Eunny. It was such a good time - what a great group! I thank them for welcoming me in with open needles....