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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #1

A more unlikely match-up has not previously been seen here at the Amazing Lace. Stacey, a pretty simplistic and streamlined knitter, has been seen recently eyeing patterns like Hedera, Falling Leaves and of course Pomatomus along with Madil’s shawl from a back issue of IK. She is a bit indecisive and having a hard time committing to just one AL partner right now. By the deadline a decision will have to be made, and a first leg AL partner chosen.

In recently becoming an almost exclusive sock knitter – thanks to both the warming temperatures and the portability of socks along with all the great yarn available, odds are good that more than one AL parnter will see action. This is more of a team event - Team Lacey Sock Stacey. (goofy, huh?) How will the two come together? What will be the first project for this team? Who will she pick for a first partner??? So many choices -
Who will the lucky first skein be??? Stay tuned.....