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Monday, March 06, 2006

Two toes forward, (feels like) a bazillion back!

My hubby's Thuja socks are coming along well. The first is done, and the second is about halfway down the foot. I hope to finish them tonight. They were quick and easy, and I may make the pattern again in the future. The twisted German cast on was a bit stretchier, and worked better for him. A few more CO stitches next time may be in order.

The sockees have become the bain of my existence! I measured, had my sister try them on, and (I think her feet grew) they still don't fit! I ripped (again!) back the toes, added about 1/4" and started the toes again. This better be the last time!

The Fair Isle handwarmers are on hold. I went to the yarn store this weekend, and they had one, yes only one, color of solid sock yarn. A light beige - ick. I tried some baby yarn (they had superwash wool in the right gauge) but they only had pastel colors. I was so frustrated! So, in an effort not to buy new yarn (I am really trying to be good and not buy anything until Maryland! I looked through what I had (nothing at a small enough gauge to work for the handwarmers) and figured a hat may be the best option. I could do some mittens, but for my first project I decided to concentrate on something of simple construction, so I could worry about the fair isle and not the "other stuff". My sister has needed a hat for a while. We picked out yarn (Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in a winter white, and leftover Pleasure from my hourglass, a neat snowflake fair isle pattern from Flying Geese & Partridge Feet by Robin Hansen (out of print) and a basic hat pattern where I could just insert the pattern in the body of the hat. I need to do a gauge swatch and then I can get started. So, the project has changed, but the objective is the same - LEARN FAIR ISLE!

The knitters breakfast was ok. The one we went to at the Framingham store last time was, in our opinion, a lot better. We went to Warwick, RI this time as they had a Berroco trunk show, and my friend just looooves Berroco. The format was a lot different, and we just didn't feel like we saw as much. We were all dissapointed. Next time we will head back to Framingham. The store was a lot smaller, but we liked the way the did an actual "show" of the vendor, and had the door prizes intersperced in the presentation. We did, however, come away with a great door prize! (my sister wins every time!)
How great is that! Actually, she won a pile of pattern books (realtively new) from Noro and another designer. The woman after us won the sock book. I commented that I really like that book, and she asked me if we wanted to trade! I guess she didn't knit socks at all, so it worked out for everyone in the end! I am so excited! A pair of Child's First Socks is in my future once I get some more sock yarn! There are quite a few neat looking patterns in there. I'm sure I could keep myself busy for some time!

So, the knitting agenda for this week is to finish the sockees, finish Thuja, swatch for the Snowflake hat and maybe (big maybe) pick out a next sweater to do if I feel like it.

I have to work some extra days at doggie daycare, so I don't have as much knitting time, but I bet if I try I can finish up all three socks in one night. I'd like to get my sister the hat before it's too warm to wear it at least once!

I'm trying to figure out a project for the March version of Project Spectrum. I know it doesn't have to be knitting related, which is nice, so I was thinking of maybe some baking (Red velvet cupcakes?)or dying. I have some really bright purple yarn that I'd like to tone down. Some cherry Kool Aid may help. It's only the beginning of the month, so I have some time to see what falls into place!