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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kids Knit Week

Since I have 2 kids sweaters to start very soon (one tonight) this is going to be a kid knit week(s). The heart sweater will be my first intarsia. It is only one big heart, so I'm hoping it's a good starting point. I'm using the turquoise and pink Cotton Ease from my stash. (turquoise for the body, pink for the heart) I think they are great, happy, bright colors for a 2 year old.

I am plugging away on the yoke of the Hourglass. Luckily the stitch count goes down by 8 every other round! I think I may just do a crochet edge in the light blue instead of a whole seamed collar - more comfy.

The handwarmers are done and gifted to my co-worker. She has been wearing them all day and really likes them.

I also want to start ankle socks for my sister. I may use this pattern - it's cute and kind of different, but there is always my standby ankle sock from Julia. I've made it a few times before and they've turned out great. I also have a yarn choice to make - I have some KnitPicks Dancing in the Rhumba colorway and some Sockotta in I think the #4 colorway. The Dancing has some elastic in it, which may prove interesting as I'm a tight knitter anyway, and may not really be the best on ankle socks - I may save it for "regualar" socks where the elastic would come in handy keeping them up. I just use the Sockotta as my sis loved the colors and it's a cotton/wool blend which is what she wanted.

It's been strangely warm here all week (January thaw!) - it's even supposed to get up to 50 degrees on Friday. But, typical for New England, they are predicting snow and a high of 20 degrees on Saturday. I feel a cold coming on already.

Next week should be interesting. I am dog sitting 4 dogs in addition to my 2. They are all lap dogs (they think they are even weighing in at 55 lbs), and all bed sleepers. Maybe we'll sleep in the guest room and give them our bed! I will for sure have pictures of the mayhem that is sure to insue when 6 herding dogs get together. It should make for a fun week.

Terri is down at the AKC Nationals this week - she had 2 of her dogs invited! Razz for Agility and Deuce for breed! We will all be rooting for them from here. Go Collinswood!!!