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Thursday, January 05, 2006

If my feet could smile...

They would be today! I'm wearing my Jaywalkers! I'm really not sure how they'll wear as they are 100% merino, but I figure I'll wear them mostly around the house anyway to keep my feet warm. A few people at work wanted to see them, so my feet are quite happy today! They are so cushy!

I started a pair of handwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in some purple handspun I had in my stash. They should keep me toasty at work. I promised a co-worker I'd also knit them a pair when I finished mine (use more stash!!).

Speaking of stash, I decided to do a scarf out of all my odds and ends - I have about 15 sample skeins that are about 30 yards each, and a ton of just plain oddball stuff from pulling other stuff apart. I was thinking something like alison's - but maybe doing it lengthwise. And, maybe a hat to match if I have enough! I am just so determined to use up my stash (or at least a bunch of it) - some has been sitting for almost a year (yes, granted I only started knitting a year ago!) but I am a high turnover type of knitter - I like to try/get new things and see how they knit up. I'm on kind of an accessory kick right now, so what a perfect way to use up my stash. I am fully planning on going to the MD Sheep and Wool festival again this May, and I know from last year that there were quite a few yarns I wish I could have purchased (Brooks Farm), and some I missed totally (Blue Moon and Tess) so this year, I want to do it right and have some room in both the stash and wallet for it!