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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Here, but not

Sorry for the long absence - my grandfather passed away on Tuesday, and I've been busy with family stuff. Since we all live so far from each other, it was great to see everyone, but not under these circumstances. That is what stinks about funerals -it brings everyone together under the most depressing circumstances.

On to happier things. I am about 9" into Hourglass (pics coming). Very tedious knit as it's about 99% stockinette stitch with the occasional increase or decrease. I am doing contrasting trim a la Diana of Streets and YO's. Mine is shades of blue. I may have done one too many rows for the bottom trim, but I think it looks ok. I used the hem technique from Alison's Nothin' but a T Shirt. Very easy and less finishing!

The Dublin Bay socks are still the same - I ripped back, but have to sit down and figure out where to put the needles back in so I can knit some extra foot length. Maybe today.....

The blue Tahki sweater is no more. I frogged and not sure what I'm going to do next. I may see if I can find some yarn for it at the Webs tent sale next month.