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Thursday, November 03, 2005

To the frogpond

I decided last night after staring at it that the Red Planet Cardi was headed for the frogpond. Yarn + Raglan Sleeve Pattern = non flattering. I do have several raglan sleeve sweaters, but with this bulky yarn it just didn't work. I plan on finding a set in or square sleeve pattern for it. I think it will make a very cute zip front cardi, just not with this pattern. And nothing against the pattern - I really liked the simplicity of it, and it looks like Laura even redid the pattern and added more sizes and some shaping. I have a bag of varigated 501 that may turn into one in the future.

I plan on a few scarves after browsing my stash. I really want to knit a "My So Called Scarf" and a few red/white/pink varigated balls of some Lang Polar should do the trick. An Irish Hiking Scarf may also come into being from the plain navy Lang Polar. I have a little bit of gift knitting to do for a few people (trying not to promise too much) and need to get started on that soon.

I cast on for sleeve 2 of Banff last night, and turned the heel of Dublin Bay. I like making progress!