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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The homestretch

I'm in the homestretch of Banff and started to worry about having enough yarn. I know my row gauge was a little off for the back and front (I was about 1" too long, but I wanted it a touch longer anyway) so I took a tip from januaryone and got out the kitchen scale. (I don't have the great action shots like she did, but mine wasn't nearly as close!)

My finished sleeve (which is about 1.5" too long) is 6.75 ounces. I have 7 ounces of yarn left (ouch!) but, the saving grace is that sleeve #2 already weighs 2.5 ounces. That means I have 2.75 ounces left over for seaming and the neck (almost forgot about that!!!). I also plan on ripping back sleeve #1 to the straight section and decreasing the number of rows by 6 (about 1" worth) so I'll have a little extra for seaming the arms. I had 9 skeins, and the smaller size only called for 7, so I'm really glad I didn't choose to do the big size, and got more than enough for the small size!

I'm almost at the toe of Dublin Bay sock #1. I didn't get much, if any knitting accomplished this weekend as we had my sister-in-law's wedding in NJ. We were 3 across in the backseat of the car driving down, so I didn't really have knitting room. At least it wasn't too long a drive.

My SP tagged me with the current knitting questionairre going around, so here goes: (I think she added the first one)
What knitting books do you have in your library???
Let's see. Weekend Knitting, Stitch-n-Bitch (my first book), Rowan Treasury (ebay!) and my newest aquisition, the Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques. I think the big Vogue Knitting book is my last "I want it!" book that I haven't gotten yet!

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?
Hmmm. This is hard because I honestly have not knit with some of the good stuff yet. I loved the All Seasons Cotton I used for Hope. I really would like to try some Aurora 8 - I have heard such raves about it! I also need to try some decent sock yarn! The Kroy I have is really splitty and not as nice as I'd like.

Your favourite needles?
My Denises!

The worst thing you've ever knit?
The recent Red Planet Cardi destined to return to its roots as balls of yarn.

Your most favourite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)
Hope (in a masochistic kind of way)

Most valuable knitting technique?
I'd have to agree with a lot of people on this and say bravery/guts. Just to have the fortitude to rip something out, or only rip out a column of stitches. It saves re-knitting time, and is great to know you can do it!

Best knit book or magazine?
I really like Rebecca for the simple, stylish patterns - I only have one, but am looking forward to more! I also love IK - seems like there is at least 3 or 4 things in each issue that I want to knit, plus they usually have some great articles.

Your favourite knit-a-long?
I'd have to say the XBack - just from the point that in substituting the yarn made the pattern so different - it was nice to read other people's experiences and fixes! (Same for the Hourglass KAL - great info!)

Your favourite knitblogs?
See the sidebar - there are quite a few! I love Sweetgeorgia's photos....

Your favourite knitwear designer?
Not really sure on this one - I like Jo Sharp and Debbie Bliss for some of their simple styles. I guess I don't have one that I swoon over.

The knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it!)
My first scarf (I don't have a picture - yet!) It is with Lion Brand Wool Ease Think and Quick, but it is a million miles long, toasty warm, and has tea/coffee stains on it. It keeps me very cozy on my long walks into work from the parking lot in the tundra! It has more sentimental value than actual knitting value. I would love to re-create it one day in something else.