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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some Assembly Required

Banff is finally dry (it took a while considering it's been so dry out anyway), so I started seaming last night while hubby and a buddy worked on finishing up our bathroom laundry enclosure. I got one sleeve seamed to the front and back, so now I just have to do the other one and seam up the sides and sleeves. I'm really wanting to finish tonight. Pictures to come tomorrow...

I'm 2 of 5 balls into My So Called Scarf. Loving the pattern, very easy to memorize, and it goes quick. The yarn is working perfect (dare I say) and the varigation is showing the stitches really well.

Dublin Bay - I just have to Kitchner the toe and one is done! I'm really afraid that it is going to be too big on mom. It fits me in the foot, and is actually a little big in the leg area. We'll see. I can start the 2nd one and always keep them for me if they don't fit her, and knit her another pair...It was really hard when you don't have a foot to try it on!

I'll take a bunch of pictures tonight and post tomorrow!

We had a HARD frost the past two nights. Luckily it has been getting up to the 50's during the day. Winter is coming.