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Monday, November 14, 2005

Fighting SSS

I finished Dublin Bay #1 (picture pre-seaming) - my Kitchner actually turned out pretty good thanks to the tutorial on Knitty it took it a few steps beyond the basics - I always messed up the beginning, and I liked how it said that you will do the first few steps only once. Big Help. Now I have to get the motivation up to start #2. I'm fighting SSS big time. But, I think I can lick it. (fingers crossed)

I also finished the neck and sleeve seams for Banff (picture pre-neck) now all I have to do is the under sleeve and side seams! Of course, it's going to be mid 50's this week....I made sure when I blocked it that the ribbing for the body and sleeves was the same width as the stockinette part - I did not want any gathering of the ribbing at all so it would make a "poof" right above the ribbing. I think I succeeded, but only a try-on will tell. My only issue so far has been seaming with this yarn. I don't tug hard, but every once and a while this happens:

See that nasty end? The yarn almost feels like it just disintegrates and it pulls apart. Very annoying. I had to rip back far enough I could try to felt the ends together - no luck. So, I just pulled the whole thing out and started again. It happened twice more, so I ended up weaving in ends and starting new. It was getting very frustrating!

Vodka and yarn - ahh what a combination. I did the rest of the skeins, and now they just need a Euclan bath. We had a nice sunny Saturday, so I put them outside to dry in the sun and breeze. I'd love to find some of the lavendar scented at a local place, but they are few and far between! My ball winder and I will be spending lots of time together real soon.....

My So Called Scarf is also coming along nicely. I love the fact I can pick it up and do a few rows inbetween other things going on.