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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

99% there!!

I didn't get Hope assembled for apple picking on Sunday (nor did we go apple picking due to the week long rainstorm we've been having!) but I am 99% done - the side and sleeve seams are sewn, I just need to set the sleeves into the body! I did the neckline (came out great!) and hope to finish tonight. In my panicing that she may not fit, I think the ribbing helps a lot, and she fits perfect - not baggy, not tight, but just right....

I can't wait to start the Red Planet Cardi - I'm itching for a quick, simple knit, and this will deliver! I also have to start pondering holiday gifts. I have a felted pillbox hat picked out for my Mother in law, some mittens for a sister in law, but after that, I'm stumped. I may make felted slippers for my dad - he is always wearing slippers!