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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back and Exhausted

After a pretty near darn perfect week on the Outer Banks (minus all the traffic and having no a/c in the truck!) I came back and life began again non-stop.

I did no knitting during the trip, but on the ride down I got most of a sock done (which I have since abandoned - I used the Reynolds Saucy leftover from Kyoto - no stretch and I can't get it over my heel!), and in one traffic jam on the New Jersey Turnpike ("emergency" construction - yeah right) I knitted a cozy for my Ipod mini out of yarn that was cleaned, spun and dyed by my awesome sister! Pics to be posted soon.....

I did want to post and make sure my SP knew I got her gift (it was waiting for me!) and that it contained lots of neat stuff! Without it in front of me (so forgive me if I forget something - pictures coming soon) I know I got some nice blue yarn - I think it is wool - there is a picture of sheep on it. It is kind of a small gauge, so maybe some neat socks?? I also got a russian pattern book. I'm hoping my cousin remembers some russian from when she was there eons ago because there are some great patterns in there! I got a few knick knacks that made me laugh. There was a hilarious wind up chicken that hopped, but the funny thing was, I think one of the eyes popped off during transport, so he just looked goofy hopping around with one eye! I'll have to get him a patch. There were also beads and cord to make almost anything with (stitch markers maybe???) and a few other things I know I can't remember. I'll post more details when I can have them in front of me. It was great to be able to see stuff from somewhere else - knowing we are all the same, but also different! I can't wait to see what she thinks up next!

I have been knitting since I got back - Honeymoon is done, and I'm 1 sock finished with a friend's birthday present of BMG's Footies from the Mind of Winter blog (I loooove her patterns!) They are going quick, and to my surprise, no second sock syndrome! I will be making these again for me. (and probalby for a few other people too!) I am also going to make her a felted cozy for the ipod her husband is getting her. A good use for the loads of Patons Classic I have.

With my buddy coming back from her month holiday down at the nation's capital, we are going to collaborate on our next few projects. We had gone to the big HUGE Webs tent sale and ended up getting yarn for a few of the same sweaters. So, I think we may do a simple cable sweater to start. It's nice to have someone to knit along with. I desperately want to start the satchel from IK, but due to financial restraints, all knitting has to come from the stash for right now....not a bad thing - it will force me to be creative and find projects for all the yarn I have.

So, once I finally download the camera and upload the pictures, there will be lots more to see!