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Monday, August 08, 2005

Added Visuals

After finally uploading my pictures, I wanted to post some of what my SP sent me!

I found a pattern in the magazine I really like, but it's all in Russian! I wonder if I scanned it, if my SP would be willing to translate it for me?

And, a close up of the infamous one eyed chicken:

I finished the other BMG footie, and even though they are for my friend's birthday, I couldn't resist slipping them on just for a try

They fit perfect! Maybe a touch bigger for me, but I will be making another pair - they went really fast and were actually fun! I have some Patons Kroy in the stash, so I can start some more right away. They make a great little portable project.

I also started Hope that is in both Rowan 29 and the Treasury of Rowan Knits book.

I am at the part where I start the charts, and suddenly I feel like a fish out of water. I'm not sure exactly how to read it - am I really doing a cross cable every other row? Maybe it was my heavy dose of Sudafed or my exhaustion, but it looks a bit clearer now. I posted a question on Knitter's Review also, and everyone there is always helpful, so I bet I get a good reply and I can continue on with knitting toinght.