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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Resorting to a Meme

With not much in the way of blog fodder, I saw a neat sock meme over at Kristy's....

1. What’s your favorite sock yarn? (please note that the word ‘yarn’ is singular. Just pick one. I know it’s hard.)
I would have to say Cherry Tree Hill Supersock with Louet and Koigu a close tie for second. Actually, I have really loved most of the sock yarns I've knit with - Lorna's, STR, Sock Hop, Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Tess's...but the colors of the Cherry Tree Hill are perfect for a solid lover like me. Saturated, rich and so beautiful!

Turkish Front

2. What’s your favorite type and brand of sock needle?
I use the KnitPicks 32" circulars magic loop style. I do have some Addi's, but the tips aren't pointy enough for me. The Addi lace needles are something I may try one day.
Gents done front view

3. Do you knit your socks toe up, cuff down, or sideways?

Usually top down. When I want to use up every last bit of yarn, then toe up, but top down is my preferred method. I have not knit a sideways sock, but they look interesting!
Childs French Socks - Done
4. Do you knit both socks at once or just one at a time?
One at a time. I can knit both at once, but only do that on rare occasions.
Mamluke Done

5. What’s your favorite toe and why?

I like to try all the different toes - I have knit a star toe and really liked it. I guess I'm an adverturous toe knitter. No favorites here!
Garter Rib with Tucker

6. Favorite heel?
Again, I have knit a bunch of different styles (thanks Nancy Bush!) and I do have to say I'm not a huge fan of the short row heel. It just doesn't seem to fit me right. I do use it if the yarn would look better for it - like in stripey or varigated ones. But, I love the good ol' heel flap.
Heart Crook Front

7. Do you prefer plain or patterned socks?

Patterned. Sometimes we all need a plain stockinette sock, but more often then not, I go for cables or some kind of patterning.
Mad Color Weave Heel - Close Up
8. Who do you knit the most socks for?
Aside from me, hubby and my sister have had the most. I also have a few friends and a cousin that I know appreciate them, so they get pairs also!
Canal Du Midi

9. Do you darn your socks? If not, what do you do with them?
I haven't had to darn any yet, but I will if needed!
Broken Cable Rib #1 Done

10. Do you only wear handknit socks?
In the fall/winter to work I wear about 90% handknit. For the gym and kennel, I change into ankle cotton socks.
Whitby Side

Bonus question: What pattern, if any, is your basic “I-just-need-a-pair-of-socks” sock pattern based on? Do you keep it written down or memorized?
I do have a basic sock pattern, just cast on, knit ribbing for 20 rows, then stockinette to the heel, heel flap, then knit the foot and toe. The only thing I have to look up is the heel turn. For some reason I can never remember any formula to calculate how many to knit that first row then turn. (if anyone knows, shout it out!)
Zebra Socks (Madder Ribbed Socks)