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Monday, August 20, 2007

They're Here!!!

Nine healthy puppies! Mom and babies are all doing well. Deuce did an amazing job. You would never know she was a first time mother. Her labor wasn't really stressful. You could see her having contractions, she would stop panting, then out pops a puppy! She was having them every 10 minutes like clockwork for the first five. She then took about an hour break and had the last four. She was amazing.

The Whole Family
There are 6 boys and 3 girls. Of the boys, 3 are black tri and 3 are blue merle, and 2 of the girls are blue and one black.
Black Tri Boy #1
They ranged in weight from 6 oz for the tiny blue female, to 12 3/4 oz for the huge honking black tri male.
Blue merle Boy #1
We didn't get tons of photos yesterday as we wanted them to settle in with mom. A more "formal" photo session is planned for tomorrow!

How could you not fall in love.....
Number Nine

If you haven't had enough puppy goodness, here is some video complete with puppy squeeks! They were only a few hours old at this point.

Enjoy! (back with knitting content tomorrow!)