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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Almost There!

I got in some great knitting time this past week and weekend, so some great progress was made...

The Denmark socks are finished!

Denmark Socks
Pattern: Denmark from Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Henry's Attic Kona - hand dyed by me
Mods: Made the leg about 3" longer than called for as I had a ton of yarn

These are beautiful, cozy, soft socks. I love everything about them! For a simple 4 row repeat that I had memorized by the third or so time through, it creates such beautiful texture. All Hail Nancy Bush!

Urban Aran got some sewing and knitting time as well.
Urban Aran Body
The collar is finished (modified in the same way Diana did hers) and it came out great. I have both sleeves done, though I have to block one and re-do the top 5 rows of the other - somehow I got my cable rows mixed up. But, I'm hoping to be doing lots of seaming over the next few nights! I measured for the zipper and it looks like I need one about 10" long. So, that is something else I'll have to go hunting for.

My best friend's little girl is having her 4th birthday party next weekend, so I was looking for a quick, stash-busting knit to bring. A hat was the first thing I thought of.
Pink Stripe Hat
Cute, no? Unfortunately, it fits me perfectly. I am horrible at hat sizing. Even using the formula in The Handy Book of Patterns it still is wrong. Very frustrating. I may just make her mittens....but, on the up side, I got a new, super soft hat!

The hydroponic garden is growing right along. It's been about 2 1/2 weeks and they are almost real lettuces!
Lettuce Growing
It will be nice when we can have an actual salad from it!

With Project Spectrum in full swing, I've been eying my blue stash yarns to see what will come of them. It's great timing. Denmark is done, Urban is very close to done. A perfect time to start something else!
PS Blue Potentials
I have 7 skeins of Araucania that I got at Stitches this year for a steal. It's a pretty teal/blue color. The light blue I got at Webs a year or so ago for even less. I have 20 skeins of it (about 2300 yd!)! A hoodie maybe? I had Mariah in mind for the light blue, but I may have been swayed over to the Patons Hoodie after seeing Lolly start hers....guess a browse through the pattern books is slated for this week! Any good suggestions? They are both worsted, about 20 sts/4".

The weather has finally taken a winter turn. Luckily, my immediate area was spared the rage of the ice storm of yesterday, but places only about 1/2 hour away were hit pretty hard. They are saying we should have a high of (gulp) 12 degrees tomorrow. Break out the winter wear.