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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quite a Show

Well, though Deuce didn't win best in show at Westminster (I honestly don't think any of them stood a chance against Uno the Beagle - he was in perfect form and so "on". It was his night!), she had an amazing few days. We are all super proud of her! She was the #2 Aussie last year, and the rate she's going this year, she may top that! Yay Deuce!

Dog Show

While all the dogs were strutting their stuff (I admit I did not watch the toy group. Most of those I don't really consider to be dogs, just ornaments!) I finished the first Mertello mitt.
Merletto palm

I love the combination of the cables and the lace. Because the first mitt is finished, we all know what that means. Casting on for Sigrid #2! I can only leave a single sock mateless for so long.

If you are itching to make your sweetie something sweet for V Day tomorrow, check out these cupcakes. Interesting. Very interesting. Not sure I could eat them. Gross but neat at the same time.