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Friday, January 18, 2008

A Bit of Enhancement

1. Enhancement for the feets - check!

Sock Hop Socks
Sock Hop Socks
Yarn: Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in the Crazy Love colorway
Needles: Ever trusty #1 KP 32" circulars
Pattern: Your basic top down 68 stitch sock

These were the epitome of a simple knit. The yarn is a work of beauty, I felt that the best way to show it off was just to let the yarn do the work and not do any stitch work to interfere. (Plus, my pooling and striping fear!) It did stripe a little, but in a Trekking kind of way. Not very offensive. They are squishy soft and cozy.

2. Enhancement for the stash - check!

Last weekend, Sarah and I headed to Webs. She had never been, and for some strange reason I was looking to buy a sweaters worth of yarn. I had my list of things I wanted to look at, and printed out my Ravelry Queue so I'd have the information on any patterns I may want to knit. Off we went. It always entertains me to watch people go into Webs for the first time. The shop up front it pretty normal. Packed full of stuff, it's a big place and we spent the first hour or so there browsing, touching and squeezing many a skein. Then I asked her if she was ready to venture out back. That is when the dropped jaw/look of astonishment happens. It is overwhelming, even to me - and I have been there quite a few times! Needless to say, she did very well. We policed each others purchases to make sure we weren't going overboard. I came this close to buying yarn for the Bias Fair Isle pullover, but some of the colors just weren't perfect. Sarah luckily talked me out of making a bad decision. Instead, I managed to get three sweaters worth of yarn - all on clearance.

Di Ve Zenith in a pretty pink. Very soft, superwash, worsted weight. This stuff will work for almost any pattern out there, but I was thinking maybe for Demi or Gathering Intentions or Marseilles. Any stitch pattern or cables will really pop with this yarn. (notice how I found pink examples...)
Di Ve Zenith

I also got the irresistible Kathmandu Aran in a gorgeous orange. This is yarn I have been reading about and seeing all over blogland and Ravelry for a while now. Good reason why. It's super soft, tweedy and a nice weight (did I mention tweedy?).
Kathmandu Aran
Not quite sure what this will turn into, but it would also work for the previously mentioned Demi, along with Cobblestone (with shaping of course), or Fifi (but a long sleeve with ease version). Many options....and, I haven't really even looked through some of my older books yet!

The other yarn I picked up was the 2/4 Highland Tweed. Thanks to Ravelry I never would have known about this bargain. Two pounds of yarn (just over actually) for $24!
Harrisville Tweed
It's in a nice, neutral oatmeal tweed color. Great as is or for overdying! (I'm thinking maybe reddish?) This is slated for maybe Salina or maybe Nordic Memories with another color. Many, many possibilities!

3. Hair enhancement - check!
I got a little bored last night and was ready to do something to my hair. Armed with scissors, my sister cut about 1.5" off (nothing major I know) then out came the dye.
A little Change
Now I match the couch! It is a little RED, but it's growing on me....

We got more snow last night, and the forecast for this weekend is showing highs in the single digits with a nice wind thrown in for good New England winter measure. Tucker and I have an indoor agility trial on Sunday. We won't be venturing out much!