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Monday, December 17, 2007

Water in Two Forms

Sunday was another big storm for us. It came down in freezing rain, and snow all day. Another 4" was piled on top of what we already had. Lucky for us, we had no where to go and just had to stay toasty warm inside and enjoy watching from the window. Unfortunately, the turkeys had no such warm place to be.

Turkeys in the snow
They were out eating the berries again. Hunger doesn't stop for the weather! Oh, and thanks to Bella, I learned that a group of turkeys are collectively called a rafter. Who came up with this stuff??

On Saturday, even though air temperatures were in the 30's, hubby went scuba diving down in Rhode Island. He wanted to try out his new underwater camera and I have to say, he got some great shots. My favorite is this one, but for me this is a close one for winner also. He's so cute. He has a drysuit, so he doesn't get wet at all which really helps after he gets out of the water. He takes off his suit, and he's in dry clothes. The buddy he went diving with had a wetsuit and had to come out of the water soaked and strip down to get into dry clothes. Brrrrr.

Speaking of brrrr, the weather when I headed into work this morning was not making me happy.
12 17 07 weather
The wind was horrible. I had my scarf wrapped around my head and neck and the only thing peeking out were my eyes. Brutal. I am ready for Spring!

The dogs, however, loved being out in the snow.
Ace belly deep
Tucker belly deep
I took these last night after the snow kind of let up a little. Poor Ace - he is in way over his head! I went around the yard and stomped a path for them. With the freezing rain we got, the top of the snow is really hard - almost painful - to walk through. I busted through with my shins and they are sore! They are calling for another storm on Friday. I can't wait.

All that inclement weather did help my knitting progress though.....
New England Soaking
Hopefully if it dries some FO shots tomorrow. We also did a ton of reorganizing in the spare bedrooms. Lots of trash generated along with a bag full of clothes to give to charity. Stuff went up into the attic and we weeded out lots that we just didn't need anymore. It was great.