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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Asked For It

More puppy pictures! It was great to read all the comments. I think (dare I say) puppies may be more popular than knitting! (I'd have to do some major blog re-vamping!)The little ones are now a day and a half old as of Monday evening when the pictures were taken, and are plumping up. Deuce is doing a great job keeping them clean and well fed.

All Nine 1 Day old
Group of 4
They are a bunch of little miracles! It's amazing that even only hours old, each had it's own little personality already - the bossy one, the shy one, the always hungry one...

As promised yesterday - knitting!
Naomi's Sock Start
Naomi's sock (I so need a better name) is about 10 rows into the colorwork. This is going to be a while - the repeat is a whopping 60 rows so I'm just doing one for the leg. Each row takes a while as no repeats means no memorization! It is fun to be doing colorwork again. I did miss it. The colors are working nicely together so far. They do remind me of another pair of socks I made not to long ago. Huh. Note to self - branch out the color choices! I'm not sure if I should have done a column of plain colored stitches between the two colorwork panels (the repeat is 40 stitches wide, I'm doing two repeats). I kind of like all the colorwork mushing together at the sides. The repeat should be invisible on one side where the two repeats meet, and I will make the messy jog side the inside anyway. So far so good, but a long way to go.

Licorice whip is now past the waist and I ended the current ball of yarn I was on. I plan on doing the sleeves next and seeing what yarn I have left. I ended up never increasing back out for the hips. Ashley finished hers so it's spurring me on to get mine done. I decreased down to where I wanted it at the waist and just went straight. The fit seems pretty good. For the sleeves I plan on looking back at the notes on my Houglass Sweater - currently my best fitting shaped sweater.

We also got our weekly CSA delivery yesterday. I just barely finished last weeks supply (eating a lot and giving some away) in time.
CSA 08 20
Luckily I also started a new diet last week. I have cut out all processed foods, sugars, beef, pork, starches and starchy veggies for now. A cleansing. My body needs it! I was not kind to it this summer, and it deserves to be treated better. A week has passed and I feel really good. All the veggies I have been eating have been organic, I have not eaten anything with anything artificial or that has any kind of preservatives. We only get one body. I'm trying to do it right!