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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good Intentions

Well, I was planning on posting pictures of both progress on the new sock for hubby as well as Licorice Whip. Yeah, we all know how the best laid plans go.....between packing for our vacation, working both my jobs and other errandy and life stuff, it just hasn't happened. Both projects did have one thing in common these past few days besides photogenic absenteeism - they both took a fun trip to the frog pond.

I was happily knitting away on Licorice Whip and started to really look at it. Something wasn't right. After a trip to Ravelry to scout out the other Whips, (isn't Ravelry the best for project research? No more Googling and searching everywhere for a picture!) I noticed my center and side lace panels looked different. Turns out I totally excluded the twisted stitches on either side! Plus, after doing the collar and trying it on, it was a bit high for me. So, a date with the ball winder and we cast on again. Now that I have the pattern right, it looks much better. I'm really hoping for a comfy fall sweater with a little flattering shaping. We'll see what happens! Since I'm knitting it with size 10.5 needles, my yarnover holes are a bit bigger than average, therefore making my lace a bit more "lacey" - undergarment will definitely be required on this one!

The socks trip to the pond was a bit more dramatic. I started off really nicely - the ribbing was done and I had knitted up about an inch of the Lichen Rib Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. No pooling, no striping. It was all good. Then, I saw these socks on Lolly's blog. "That pattern would really work with this yarn!" I thought. Plus, hubby had hinted that he would like a pattern of some kind on these socks as he knows how I like to challenge myself in my sock knitting. His best fitting and probably favorite pair so far are the Madder Rib socks I knit for him a while back. Ribbing seems to fit his feet very well, so I wanted another well fitting pair. Especially with this super variegated yarn, I figured ribbing was the best choice - let the yarn do the work.

Well, I ripped the inch or so of ribbing (the Lichen rib is basically a k3p1 rib) back to the cuff and started in on the Classy Slip Up Socks from Knit Socks! (yes, the title does actually have an exclamation point in it.). I was knitting away when I noticed something horrible happening. My once nicely variegated sock started pooling. Horrible, icky, ugly pooling! One side of the sock was all teal and purple, the other was green and blue! I tried to take a picture, but the camera refused to document the repulsiveness that was ensuing. So, I ripped again. I do have to say, this yarn is holding up very, very well to all the ripping and re-knitting. The twist is still super tight. Back to the Lichen rib, and - whoosh - there goes all the pooling and we are back to variegated once again.

I probably won't be posting again this week - we leave tomorrow at noon for the Outer Banks! First, we are making an overnight pit stop in Baltimore to break up the 11 hour drive. Then, we leave bright and early Sunday morning to spend a week in a beautiful house at the beach with lots of family.

Lillies Lakefront - Outer Banks
How nice is that! My aunt always gets such pretty houses. This one is right on the lake and is a short way to the ocean on the other side. It has a pool and a foosball table! I see lots of knitting out on one of those decks.

The boys are heading out to their grandparents tomorrow - they are quite excited. My dad loves to walk, which luckily is one of the boys favorite activities. We will have Internet at the beach, so I hope to be able to post once or twice while I'm there. Maybe I'll have some progress to show!