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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Numbers

Before any good knitting content, I have to say one thing about the weather here in Massachusetts over the next day or so - WOW!

January Weather
Check out tomorrow. Yep - low 60's! And, per the weather people around here, there is no snow in sight for the next week or so. I really have to say, I am very happy with what the weather gods have given us for a winter so far this year. I also know, that being in New England, payback will be, well, not so good.

Now for the good stuff. The first sleeve of the Urban Aran is blocking, so I took the oppertunity to weigh it before it got soaked for blocking. Here is what I found.

Back - 5.4 oz
Sleeve - 3.5 oz
Remaining Yarn - 9 oz

Is this going to be a close one or what???? I'm not worried about seaming as I can do that with another similar colored yarn, but I am worried about the collar. I'm not sure if I should put out a search for another ball or two of this discontinued yarn (Rowan Cork in Mousse) or just wait and see. (If anyone has any laying around, you could pipe up now and make my stress level decrease a bit...) So, taunting the knitting gods just a bit more, I started the front last night. I'm undecided as to what to do as far as the top half goes. I was thinking of doing a half-zip pullover as I'm not much of a full cardi wearer, but that means researching to find existing patterns with one so I can have some kind of guideline as far as knitting it. I have a while to think about that though - at least 10" of knitting!

Denmark is coming right along. I'm ready to start the heel (following NB's instructions to the letter on this one!) and the more I knit it, the more I just really like this simple, pretty pattern.
Denmark Leg

We have a light load at the kennel this weekend, so I'm hoping for a bunch of knitting time.

Our little hydroponic garden is coming right along.
This will be salad....someday!
Now that the little sprouts have poked through, they are growing fast! It will be neat to have fresh salad greens at our disposal all winter long!